1 : What are these?

A) They are cakes

B) They are hats

C) They are balloons

D) They are flowers

What are these?

2 : What is this?

A) It is a dog

B) They are fish

C) This is a horse

D) This is a cat

What is this?

3 : What colour is it?

A) It is green

B) It is yellow

C) It is blue

D) It is red

What colour is it?

4 : Where is the flower?

A) It is under the table

B) It is on the table

C) It is on the bed

D) It is under the bed

Where is the flower?

5 : How old is Peter?

A) He is sixteen years old.

B) He is eight years old .

C) He is nine years old.

D) He is ten years old.

How old is Peter?

6 : Who is she?

A) She is my grandmother

B) She is my mother

C) He is my father

D) He is my grandfather

Who is she?